Cellulite Detox Treatment

Your treatment will be customized according to your specific concerns. We will combine cupping massage, castor oil, and infrared heat. 

(Each treatment 65-75 minutes)


Cupping therapy is performed using medical-grade silicone cups that your therapist pushes on for suction and glides across the area of the body with cellulite. The suction created from the moving cups benefits your body in the following ways:

  •  Breaks up toxins and fat cells, begins to soften them.

  •  Increases blood circulation and the flow of the lymphatic system.

  •  Reduces fluid retention, creating tighter and smoother looking skin. 

Infrared Heat

Infrared heat deeply penetrates fatty tissues, muscles, and joints elevating your body's core temperature. This increase in temperature benefits your body in the following ways: 

  • Fat and toxins become more fluid and easier for your body to eliminate.

  • Increases blood circulation and the flow in the lymphatic system.

  • Increases the production of new cells in the broken down tissues.

  • Decreases inflammation

Castor Oil

When heat is combined with castor oil, the result is an increase in the diameter of both blood and lymph vessels which accelerated and aids the removal of toxins stored in the affected areas. Castor oil also helps reduce inflammation.


One session - $105

6 session series - $570

(save $10 each treatment)

12 session series - $1080

(save $15 each treatment)

What is cellulite? 

Everyone has a layer of fat separating their skin and muscles.

With cellulite, the fat cells become engorged, often swelling to two or three times their original size and begin clumping together. 

These fat cells have a build up of toxins and excess fluid and "push" against the skin and fascia above creating "cottage cheese" looking skin.


After 3 treatments

“Like most of us, I have struggled my whole life with cellulite, particularly on my thighs and rear end. 


I have always been very active and 'eat right'.  Even at my very thinnest and fittest, I still have cellulite.   I have tried creams and other cellulite treatment methods, but either they didn't work or were extremely invasive and caused lots of bruising.


The cellulite treatment at Therapeutic Massage is a completely different experience.  Tiffany, who has been doing my treatments, has talked me through the process as we go.


I have seen results after each of my first three treatments and have not experienced any bruising, however, after this third treatment, a dent I have always had on my right thigh is practically gone!  I am ecstatic and can't wait to see the progress continue!  

I am super excited to keep going!”


After 7 Treatments

“My cellulite treatment process is going very well - I am starting to really see my skin smooth out, especially the inside and outside of my thighs.  I have more muscle definition and as I mentioned in my first update, I have had quite a dent on my right thigh. It gets better with each treatment!


I've had no bruising from gliding cupping and have enjoyed the other benefits of infrared heat - muscle relaxation and relief from muscle soreness.” – A.B.

Who is affected? 

90% of women

Common misperception - cellulite only affects women that are considered overweight.

It affects all body types: overweight, average, and underweight.

Causes of cellulite:

  • Build up of toxins in the fat cells

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Diminished lymph drainage

  • Fluid retention

  • Inflammation in tissues

Some other factors include genetics and hormone levels.

Although exercise and a good diet help get rid of fat, cellulite must be broken down and released into the lymphatic system to be elminated.



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