"Trade your expectation for appreciation
and the world changes instantly."

"Just a quick email to say how thrilled I am with my monthly massages. I walk out of The Wellness Village feeling like a new person."






"The Wellness Village is such a great resource for me. It is well situated, pleasantly designed, and so convenient to get wonderful massages, energy work, acupuncture and Pilates instruction all under one roof. I recommend it often to friends."






"You begin to feel a relaxed state once you step onto the sidewalk and enter the door.  The atmosphere is simply transforming.  

I have had many massages there and each has been excellent; both therapeutic and relaxing.  This is THE place to go for your massage!"



"My experience with Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center has been outstanding.  I was introduced by a friend.  She actually gave her appointment to me because she thought J.J. was the best massage therapist in the city and I needed help immediately.  She was right!  Not only did I get the best therapeutic treatment but the entire staff champions an atmosphere of health & wellness. I highly recommend this outstanding center. 


Tip:  Always arrive a few minutes early so you can relax with a warm neck wrap or listen to soothing music.   It makes the experience even more complete!"



"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Whitney and her attentiveness.  She is always so pleasant and making sure that I am getting the most out of my massages.  This past Sunday she was even a “therapist” to me as well, I appreciate the ear she leant me.  Thanks!"



" In order to be my best and consistently compete at a high level I must stay on top of my training, nutrition, rest and sports massage. Training is only as good as my ability to recover from it. Consistent sports massage has helped improve my flexibility, heal injury and remove soreness, so that I can get back to high performance. The wellness Village and their sports massage program has become part of my training team."

-Tim Hightower, professional football player

"My son is a high school cross country runner.  He has had to ice his feet and hips and take ibuprofen on a daily basis to make it through the day.  Now that he has started receiving sports massage on a regular basis, he does not have pain everyday.  His performance and flexibility have improved.  He ran his best time after his first treatment. The tight muscles that were restricting his movement are being worked out at each visit. He has an intense training schedule with little rest in between each week.  His body recovers faster now than it did before starting sports massage.  He is continuing his appointments every week for right now until his muscles are healthier and we can "get ahead" of the pain, then we plan to do a maintenance program."
 - Leigh Anne 

I've been coming to

"I have the chance to use the infrared heat treatment many times and have chosen to incorporate it into my conditioning program. For many years I’ve lived with anterior shoulder impingement and sacroiliac pain. My biweekly use of  infrared heat reduces the pain completely. In addition to the physical benefits, I’ve also noticed a mental and emotional improvement from my time spent in the sauna.
As a Pilates teacher, I work with a lot of clients with pain. I consistently recommend the Infrared sauna to anyone who has inflammation."

-Brooke Fricke, owner and manager of Re:form Richmond Pilates

"With arthritis, one's joints often become stiff and painful, especially during changes in the weather. This condition can be debilitating and even emotionally discouraging. With total hip replacements, the grinding bone-on-bone pain is replaced by some lingering soreness and stiffness, which is an improvement, but is also often constant.  I found that, after the single infrared treatment, my movement (even exiting the machine as compared with getting into it), was noticeably easier for me, and also my knees and hips bent and flexed to a greater degree! It was a remarkable feeling, to be able to walk with a longer stride. I feel the infrared treatment will benefit anyone who suffers from arthritis or who has had joint replacement, and I wholeheartedly encourage them to try it and feel the improvement themselves. Thank you again for the opportunity to use your remarkable machine."

Morgan sprained her ankle for the second time within 18 months doing competitive gymnastics (USGA level 5 competitor). The first time she injured it, she did not receive infrared heat her spy (iht), and she was in a cast for 4 weeks and then had 4 more weeks of PT.  After the second injury she had started receiving infrared heat therapy treatments soon after the injury. She could tell a huge difference immediately. She was released back to practice in less time and has not had any re-injury.

Rachel Pustilnik - mother



After 3 treatments

“Like most of us, I have struggled my whole life with cellulite, particularly on my thighs and rear end. 


I have always been very active and 'eat right'.  Even at my very thinnest and fittest, I still have cellulite.   I have tried creams and other cellulite treatment methods, but either they didn't work or were extremely invasive and caused lots of bruising.


The cellulite treatment at Therapeutic Massage is a completely different experience.  Tiffany, who has been doing my treatments, has talked me through the process as we go.


I have seen results after each of my first three treatments and have not experienced any bruising, however, after this third treatment, a dent I have always had on my right thigh is practically gone!  I am ecstatic and can't wait to see the progress continue!  

I am super excited to keep going!”


After 7 Treatments

“My cellulite treatment process is going very well - I am starting to really see my skin smooth out, especially the inside and outside of my thighs.  I have more muscle definition and as I mentioned in my first update, I have had quite a dent on my right thigh. It gets better with each treatment!


I've had no bruising from gliding cupping and have enjoyed the other benefits of infrared heat - muscle relaxation and relief from muscle soreness.” – A.B.



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