A wellness program for young athletes

There is a growing concern of repetitive injuries experienced by young athletes.


Sports massage therapy, infrared heat treatments and therapeutic stretches.

Therapeutic Sports Massage combined with infrared heat therapy treatments can help prevent injuries and help speed up the healing process of current injuries.  We help young athletes enhance their performance, decrease pain and inflammation associated with repetitive use, and allow these athletes to return to their respective sport more quickly following an injury.

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Therapeutic Sports Massage

Therapeutic Sports Massage helps eliminate adhesions in fascia and muscle to improve mobility and range of motion. Better mobility improves athletic performance and reduces the chance of over use injuries associated with repetitive movements.




"My son is a high school cross country runner.  He has had to ice his feet and hips and take ibuprofen on a daily basis to make it through the day.  Now that he has started receiving sports massage on a regular basis, he does not have pain everyday.  His performance and flexibility have improved.  He ran his best time after his first treatment. The tight muscles that were restricting his movement are being worked out at each visit. He has an intense training schedule with little rest in between each week.  His body recovers faster now than it did before starting sports massage.  He is continuing his appointments every week for right now until his muscles are healthier and we can "get ahead" of the pain, then we plan to do a maintenance program."
 - Leigh Anne 

Morgan sprained her ankle for the second time within 18 months doing competitive gymnastics (USGA level 5 competitor). The first time she injured it, she did not receive infrared heat her spy (iht), and she was in a cast for 4 weeks and then had 4 more weeks of PT.  After the second injury she had started receiving infrared heat therapy treatments soon after the injury. She could tell a huge difference immediately. She was released back to practice in less time and has not had any re-injury.


Rachel Pustilnik - mother



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