Our Story

Our story begins with the inspiration to create a place of healing and health.
Paige Beale, the owner and founder of Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center, invisioned an oasis where holistic practitioners could come together under one roof to practice complimentary medicine for the greater good of their clients.
The idea of the Wellness Village was realized when Paige decided to build such a place! Read more about the story here.
When you arrive at the Wellness Village you will find a welcoming and tranquil setting where our goal is to assist you on your journey to physical and emotional health and well being.
Whether you need an hour to yourself for complete relaxation and stress relief, or focused therapy to relieve a chronic condition, we're here to meet your needs.
Our mission is to help you feel your best! 
Rejuvenate in our little oasis —
Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center located at The Wellness Village.
Our tranquil ambiance allows you to step away from the stress of the outside world and experience the benefits of deep relaxation. 
Step inside Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center!
We want our clients to feel like they have left their hectic lives behind and that they are “on vacation” (if only for an hour).
Our rooms are designed to transport you to another time and place.
Each of our treatment rooms have a unique destination theme. 
Oriental Garden Treatment Room
Mountain Cabin Treatment Room
Relaxation room.
Enjoy a hot cup of tea and a warm compress before or after your massage. 
Beach Getaway Treatment Room


Learn more about Paige and her inspiring journey she took to create the Wellness Village. 




Our massage therapists are board certified by the Virginia Board of Nursing and the National Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. 


Learn more about our experienced massage therapists and their specialties. 



We are passionate about giving generously of our time and resources to several charities in our community. 


Giving back to our community is our way of saying "thank you," for your support. We are so grateful for our wonderful clients.  

We are located at The Wellness Village, which is home to independently owned businesses offering integrative services. These practitioners are experienced in complementary health care, representing a holistic approach to wellness.